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Welcome to The Bright Side Family Cares Blog! We are glad you stopped by! This blog will be full of information for you and your loved ones to help better understand the process of elder care.

When a loved one requires additional help as they age, there are many challenges in finding the right care. This blog will address these challenges and present ways to help ease the burden.

We will be blogging on topics such as:

How do I start the conversation?

What happens when you cannot handle the challenges of being a caregiver?

What are my options?

What services does my loved one need?

What are the costs associated with care?

Who can qualify for Medicaid?

What is ‘Medicaid spend down’?

What is MLTSS?

And more!

Stay tuned!!!

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Peter Adler
Peter Adler
24 feb

Heard Elizabeth speak at Temple Emeth Friday evening, can use your help, please call me at 201-952-5089. Peter Adler,

Me gusta
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