COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, the Bright Side Family's leadership team is committed to keeping our residents as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible. Since May 2020, our community has been without any COVID-19 infections, among residents or staff. We are working diligently to keep it that way and will report any changes to this status on this website.


Our team is guided by Teaneck's health department, the NJ Department of Health, CDC and CMS as we develop and adapt our policies and procedures around infection control and COVID-19 testing.  These policies and procedures can be viewed by clicking here and here.  Since early March, Bright Side Manor has restricted visits by families, volunteers, certain health providers and vendors.  We recognize how difficult this has been on residents and family members.  We have been sending weekly updates to families to keep them informed  and have helped families connect with residents via phone, FaceTime, ZOOM and letter writing.  Recently, scheduled and supervised outdoor visits have been permitted to the delight of our residents. Our policy on Communication with residents, their families and representatives and community can be viewed by clicking here. Our current visitation policy and procedure can be viewed by clicking here.   The Department of Health has issued a directive which provide facilities with the steps necessary to take in order to move towards re-opening.  These steps are outlined by clicking here.  At Bright Side Family, we recognize the important physical and emotional support for residents that is provided by family members and close friends.


Regular updates will be made to this website and will be sent to families via email or other requested means to keep our community informed of Bright Side Manor's status and activities.  Bright Side Manor can be reached at any time by calling (201) 692-1000.  If you have an urgent question or complaint, please call this number and request that you be connected with an Administrator or Wellness Director.